Pass your ACCA Exams First Time

The path to becoming a qualified chartered accountant is a long path with many obstacles along the way. So here at ACCA expert, we aim to provide students with the best possible chance of passing your ACCA exams first time.

We look at the best resources available online to help compliment your already existing ACCA study materials. There are lots of tuition providers out there offering free study texts as well as mock exams, industry articles and student advice.

ACCA expert uncovers the best resources for YOU to become ACCA qualified and reap the benefits of gaining a professional accounting qualification.

ACCA Exam Tips

Whether your starting your journey with the F1 Accountant in Business paper or you’re looking for exam tips for the F6 Taxation paper, you can find a host of resources, links and ACCA exam tips that will set you on the way to passing your next exams.

There is no magic wand to achieving success with ACCA – hard work and dedication is required but we hope to point you in the right direction for exam success!

ACCA Exam Technique Guide

Whether you are a completely new ACCA student or are already halfway through your journey, this ACCA Exam Technique guide prepared by Nick Best of Astranti is a surefire way to improve you pass your next ACCA Exam. It includes;

  • How to improve your next ACCA exam mark by 40%.
  • Question planning.
  • The 6 stages of effective exam planning.
  • The 10 rules for writing an excellent answer.
  • How to maximise marks in calculation questions.
  • An introduction to computer based exams.

ACCA Exam Resources

We recommend to use the following resources with preparing for your next exam:

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Free ACCA study materials

Finding ways to keep costs down when studying ACCA is a priority for a lot of students who are self funding. And there are plenty of high quality free ACCA resources out there for students to get their hands on.

As well as the brilliant work done by in providing students with free study materials, Astranti offer free ACCA Study Texts for students on every level of the ACCA.

It’s a great way to begin your study for the F3 Financial Accounting paper or if you’re having trouble understanding the key theory in the F9 Financial Management paper, then try using the free resources offered by Astranti and Open Tuition to tackle it from a different view point.