ACCA F1: Accountant in Business

ACCA F1 Exam Tips

The ACCA F1 paper Accountant in Business signals the beginning of your journey in becoming an ACCA qualified accountant.

It covers six main areas that include;

  1. The business organisation, it’s stakeholders and the external environment
  2. Business organisational structure, functions and governance.
  3. Accounting and reporting systems, controls and compliance.
  4. Leading and managing individuals and teams.
  5. Personal effectiveness and communication
  6. Professional ethics in accounting and business

It may seem like a broad and challenging range of subjects but the F1 paper only scratches the surface of this topics to give you an idea of what lays ahead further down the line.

You can find the full F1 syllabus and study guide from ACCA here.

How to pass the ACCA F1 exam

The F1 ACCA exam is a two hour long examination that will cover the whole range of the syllabus. The exam is split into two sections.

Section A will contain 30 two mark objective test questions and 16 one mark questions – meanwhile, Section B will contain 6 four mark multi task questions that will each cover the 6 areas of the syllabus mentioned above.

In order to pass the ACCA foundation level exam you must score a mark of 50% or more – which is more than capable with the right preparation.

Free Online ACCA Study Texts

Free ACCA study materials

Astranti offer free online study texts for ALL levels of the ACCA qualification and you can find out more on the F1 study text here.

It’s a great way to keep costs down and a practical way of studying anywhere you have an internet connection.

ACCA Master Classes

Students who are self studying ACCA will find these master classes a great way to cement the knowledge you already know about the syllabus and pick up some additional exam tips that will help you pass your next ACCA exam.

You can find out more information about the ACCA Live Online Masterclasses here.

The masterclasses are spread over two days and will contain over 10 hours of learning material. For those who cannot join the ACCA master class live you have the option of watching the recording from the previous class.

Here is what you can expect:

  • The specialist ACCA tutor will guide you through the most examinable topics.
  • There is a specific focus on difficult past questions ensuring you are ready for whatever the exam has in store.
  • It will include how to improve your exam technique, which can score you those all important extra marks in the exam.
  • Interactive questions and answers session with the tutor.

F1 Exam Technique

Below is a great video from the ACCA and BPP that will guide you through what to expect and the best exam technique when tackling the F1 exam.

F1 Mock Exams

To achieve a pass mark when tackling the Accountant in Business exam you will need to ensure you have plenty of mock exam practice and objective marking and feedback.

To get a flavour of the exam, you can find an official F1 ACCA Accountant in Business past exam paper here.

Meanwhile, there is a great article here from the ACCA on how to approach the multi choice questions you will face in the F1 exam..

There is also the option to have your mock exams marked by an ACCA credited tutor – it’s a great way to see how you REALLY fared when tacking your mock exams.

To find out more about the ACCA exam marking please visit ACCA Marking.

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