Why study ACCA?

ACCA Study Advice

Gaining a professional qualification in accountancy is a tough prospect but there are multitude of reasons why you should commit yourself and study ACCA.

Firstly, ACCA is the global body for professional accountants with close to 200,000 members and half a million students in over 180 countries. It’s a well respected professional qualification that is recognised by employers the world over.

Furthermore it’s been in existence for over 100 years and can be as flexible as you want with students studying part-time, full-time and around work commitments.

Benefits of being an ACCA member

Once you have passed all of the ACCA exams and gained the professional competence the benefits of being an ACCA member are apparent.

  • Having the ACCA letters after your name gives you a link to the tradition of excellence associated with the ACCA while it also make you stand out with perspective employers.
  • Membership to ACCA is key in unlocking professional opportunities the world over.
  • You will have opportunities to stay up to date with industry news via ACCA led workshops and seminars.

ACCA and Career Opportunities

If you are curious as to HOW studying and qualifying with ACCA will benefit your career or potential career then you can visit this excellent guide provided by the ACCA – it goes through each sector and explains how the qualification will prepare you challenges that lie ahead.

You can also watch this excellent video below from the ACCA that goes into more detail about why you should start studying today!

If you want to apply to become an ACCA student then visit the ACCA global webpage here and begin your application today.

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