7 ACCA Study Tips

ACCA student study help

Passing your ACCA exams require a lot of dedication and commitment – it also requires the right approach to studying and revising for your next ACCA exam.

Here are 7 study tips that will help you along your journey to becoming ACCA qualified.

  • Have a study plan – study and revision is more effective when you have a clear plan of what topics you are going to cover and how long you dedicate to each area.
  • Study no longer than 60/90 minutes at a time – the best way to study and learn is to have short, intense periods of study. You learn better this better. Make sure you take breaks every hour and don’t overdo it, it’s better to study 90 minutes every day rather than 12 hours every two weeks.
  • No distractions – make sure your study area is quiet and free of distractions. That means no facebook, television and music playing.
  • Test yourself – taking mock exams and difficult questions is the best way to prepare yourself for exams, really push yourself with tough questions on areas of the ACCA syllabus you struggle with.
  • Talk to others – if possible, try to talk with other ACCA students about your revision and study. Sharing and discussing problems with others is a great way to learn and find answers you might not consider yourself.
  • Mock exams – practice, practice and practice mock exams until you are blue in the face. Having the knowledge is one thing but being prepared for the exam in exam conditions is of the utmost importance with ACCA exams.
  • Relate ACCA to your workplace – if you work in finance then you should think about how you can apply your experiences to the paper you are studying. This can be a great way to reinforce the knowledge you already have.

Remember to check the ACCA website for resources and study help too. There are pages and pages of resources for all ACCA papers and some of this information can be overlooked – you can find a full database of exam support resources from ACCA here.

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