ACCA Exam Technique Guide

ACCA students who are falling below the pass mark of 50% are usually struggling due to a lack of examination technique. Completing a professional qualification like ACCA requires a rounded skill set, so you need to understand the theory, be able to apply in the exam BUT also have the right technique so you maximise your marks.

ACCA Exam Guide

Nick Best from Astranti Financial Training has put together a 37 page guide on How to Improve your ACCA Exam Technique – which could see your next ACCA exam mark increase by 40%!

ACCA Student Exam Issues

Exam’s are difficult for a multitude of reasons. Nerves can play a part (although a small amount of nerves can be a good thing to keep you alert!) but they are difficult to control. So the one thing YOU can control is how you approach your next ACCA exam and what technique you will apply.

Do you find yourself facing these issues below?

  • Comfortable with the ACCA syllabus theory but still fail to pass the exam?
  • Filling your exam answer scripts but scoring less than 50%?
  • Running out of time in the exam hall?
  • Struggling with calculation questions?

Fear not, you will be in the same boat as thousands of other ACCA students. That’s why we recommend you read Nick’s ACCA Exam Technique Guide to help you avoid making the same mistakes exam after exam.

The ACCA Exam Technique Guide

What can you expect from the guide?

2018-09-14 10_24_46-StartUsing a previous ACCA student as a case study, it will explain how he his ACCA exam score jumped from 29% to 69% by following the advice.

Explains the benefits of why you should plan your answers.

The 6 stages involved in planning your answers – starting from understanding the requirements to brainstorming your answer plans.

The 10 key rules you should follow for writing excellent answers, this will stop all of the unnecessary waffle that students tend to write by not understanding the requirement of the question!

Calculation questions and how to score the easy marks even if you don’t reach the final correct answer.

A look at ACCA Computer Bases exams and what technique should be applied here.

ACCA Exam Day Preparation

Once you have read the ACCA Exam Technique guide and put the methods into practice you should be well on your way to passing your next ACCA exam.

Here is a video from ACCA on how YOU should prepare for the Exam Day.

Good Luck!

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