ACCA Exam Pass Rates

Passing the ACCA exams, much like any qualification, get harder as you progress through the different levels. The early fundamental papers have very good pass rates, which illustrates that students are comfortable with the exams and ACCA see these early papers as way to give students the footing they need to progress further down the line.

ACCA Fundamentals Exam Pass Rates 2014-2016

How to pass ACCA exams

  • F1 Accountant in Business has a very good pass rate with over 4 out of 5 students passing the exam. However, the pass rate does dip for the F2 and F3 papers.
  • Students would be advised to be aware that extra effort is needed for these slighter tougher papers.
  • Another interesting trend is that F4 Corporate and Business Law has quite a high pass rate – which may be seen as surprising as ACCA students would feel more comfortable with numerical papers rather than law and theory behind it.
  • Perhaps the toughest paper at this level, based on previous pass rates, is the F5 Performance management. Again, extra effort should be applied to this paper – of course each student has their own particular strengths and weaknesses.

ACCA Professional Exam Pass Rates 2014-2016

ACCA Exam Tips

  • Generally speaking, all of the compulsory professional papers P1, P2 and P3 have on average a 50% pass rate.
  • While the optional papers are much tougher and it’s clear that students struggle to pass these papers. In sames cases – the June 2015 sitting of the P5 Advanced Performance Management – only 28% of the students passed the exam.

There is, of course, no easy paper with facing the ACCA exams but trends suggest that the Performance Management papers (P5 and F5) are tough tasks, while students are excelling at the F4 Corporate and Business Law – perhaps the change from numerical based to theory is a welcome relief for students and they really apply themselves to the law.

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